A Giant U-Shaped Skyscraper Designed For New York Would Be The Longest Building in The World

Manhattan developers keep building skyscrapers taller and taller, but Greek architect Ioannis Oikonomou hopes to break a new kind of record.

His firm, Oiio Studio, has designed a U-shaped tower called the “Big Bend” that aims to become, what Oikonomou calls, “the world’s longest building”.

If you were measure from end to end of the U, which would total approximately 4,000 feet (1,220 metres).

The design calls for a super-tall, skinny skyscraper bent in half, to form what looks like the first drop of a roller coaster.

From the footpath to the building’s peak, it would stretch about 200 feet (61 metres) taller than One World Trade Center, the largest tower in the city.

“The Big Bend has been created, among other things, in order to emphasise the fact that New York has become a giant hotel,” Oikonomou says, referencing the recent trend of people buying condos without using them as primary residences.

The Big Bend would “ensure maximum profit for its investors, even if its apartments are inhabited only for some days every year”.

This article was originally published by Tech Insider.

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