Boris Johnson Quits from the Competition of England’s Next Prime Minister

Here is the shocking news from the London. Boris Johnson quits from the competition to be the next Prime Minister of the Unites Kingdom.

The race to become Britain’s next prime minister took a dramatic and surprising turn Thursday, with former London Mayor Boris Johnson — popular with the public and widely considered a front-runner — ruling himself out of the race after the defection of a key ally.

In a morning of political machinations and mutterings of treachery that had commentators reaching for Shakespearean parallels, Justice Secretary Michael Gove abruptly withdrew his support for Johnson and announced he was running for the Conservative Party leadership himself.

In a speech in London, Mr. Johnson said he did not believe he could provide the leadership or unity needed. Johnson, a prominent campaigner for British withdrawal from the European Union, told a news conference that the next Conservative leader would need to unite the party and ensure Britain’s standing in the world.

“Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in Parliament, I have concluded that person cannot be me,” he said, to the astonishment of journalists and supporters in the room.

May had offered a tepid endorsement of Britain’s place in the European Union during the referendum campaign, she was clear that the vote would be respected.

“The United Kingdom will leave the EU,” she said, pledging to create a brand new government department devoted to negotiating Britain’s “sensible and orderly” departure from the 28-nation bloc.

The opposition Labour Party is also extreme disarray, with leader Jeremy Corbyn facing intense pressure to resign after losing a confidence vote. He has lost the support of the party’s lawmakers but claims the rank and file still back him.

He is expected to face a formal leadership challenge in the coming days. He has faced heavy criticism for failing to campaign effectively in support of keeping Britain within the EU.

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