Britney Spears pranks Jimmy Kimmel when he was sleeping | Watch Video

Once you witness Britney Spears gyrating on the end of Jimmy Kimmel’s bed in the middle of the night, you can’t unsee it.

No, the two haven’t been engaging in extramarital activities. In fact, Kimmel wasn’t even a willing participant.
In a stunt to promote Spears’ upcoming album, Glory, the singer pranked the talk show host by raiding his house in the middle of the night with a troupe of her backup dancers.

With the assistance of Kimmel’s wife, a fishnet and leotard-clad Spears wakes Kimmel at 2am by blasting her latest single Make Me.
Hair extensions flying, Spears gyrates on the bed, awkwardly thrusting her hips at a stunned Kimmel who is still half asleep.
The prank was a cheaper imitation of the same joke Rihanna pulled on Kimmel for April Fools’ last year when she surprised the sleeping comedian by jumping on his bed and throwing money at him while singing Bitch Better Have My Money.

But Spears’ prank comes across awkwardly – more tipsy 50-year-old wedding auntie making a pass at her nephew than sultry siren.
Kimmel looks uncomfortable as Spears mimes to her own song while self-conciously readjusting her top.

Sporting tribal glow-in-the-dark paint, Spears’ troupe of dancers then humps the air above Kimmel while their leader awkwardly sits on the end of the bed.

Kimmel emerges later in a dressing gown and thanks Spears and her dancers for the prank but quickly tells them where to go.

“Alright, well, thanks everybody,” Kimmel says wearily, trying to give the impression he’s grateful for late-night intrusion but looking anything but.

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