Cristiano Ronaldo throws the Microphone of a Reporter

Cristiano Ronaldo reacted badly when a news reporter approached him while out walking near Portugal’s hotel in Lyon, he grabs his microphone and throws it into the near lake.

Ronaldo was facing media pressure after he missed the penalty against Austria and his outburst against Iceland’s “small mentality”, showed his frustration after being asked by the CMTV reporter if he was ready for their game against Hungary.

His Coach Santos said; “The day after the first game you said Cristiano was all smiles. After the first match your stories were that Cristiano was all smiles and now it is that he’s not smiling. I am sure he will get over everything and do what he does best. He’s always proved that what he does best is score and I’m sure he will do everything to be anxiety free to score.”

Ronaldo has not scored in 36 free-kick attempts at major tournaments but Santos said: “He will carry on taking free-kicks and penalties. We have someone who is the standard-bearer for our country and we do love him. The Portuguese love Cristiano.”

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