Game of Thrones: New characters are set to unveil for Season 7

It would be fair to say that the last season of Game of Thrones got off to a slow start, but steadily picked up to the delight of fans.

With many questions answered and more importantly, the future of Jon Snow made clearer, Season six ended on a high.

Although, these notes, which were attained by fan site Watchers on the Wall , don’t give specific names for the new roles, there’s still enough information to get fans of GoT speculating.

There’s several fighting males that are being added, which suggests another massive war will take place with some major casualties.

First of all, there’s a “senior military general”, aged between 40-55 with a British RP accent. BTW, British RP accent basically means someone who speaks ‘posh’.

So for GoT, anyone from Kings Landing would fit this description.

There’s also a “warrior” aged between 35-45, who is said to look tough as nails. Watchers on the Wall reports that he has a “considerable” amount of dialogue and the role needs a “top-end actor”. So Dean Gaffney, probably isn’t right for the role.

This character is set to film for several weeks, so a big name star, Jude Law perhaps?, is expected to take the part.
There’s a Northern-accented “gate guard” in his 20s. The producers reportedly want a charismatic star who’s also good looking.

Moving away from the fighting characters, an “older priest”, with an RP accent is needed, as is a “city guard” in his 30s.

Elsewhere a “merchant and courtesan”, who can be of any ethnicity, a posh “young lord” and a “lieutenant” of Middle Eastern descent are wanted.


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