Game of Thrones season 7 theory link-up Jon Snow and Meera

A Game of Thrones fan concept long appeared as a ways-fetched has received some traction with viewers because the finale of season six, with many believing Jon Snow and Meera Reed are twins.

There were competing theories approximately Jon’s thriller sibling considering that season , while Daenerys Targaryen entered the house of the timeless and experienced some of visions, consisting of one in all her brother, Rhaegar, saying: “The dragon has 3 heads.”
The three-headed dragon motif seems in various ways during recreation of Thrones history: Daenerys has three dragons (Rhaegal, Drogon, and Viserion); the Targaryen residence image capabilities a 3-headed dragon, and Dany’s ancestor Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros together with his two sisters, all hooked up on dragons.

Enthusiasts have interpreted this to mean Daenerys’s three dragons want three riders for her to win lower back the Iron Throne. Assuming Daenerys is one in all them, who are the alternative two?

Now that we are almost sure that he has Targaryen blood, it appears Jon Snow may be one of the riders. As for the third, one principle indicates he has a dual sister, Meera, although another says he has a brother, Tyrion Lannister. So what proof is there for each of the theories?

The modern day season noticed Bran experience a chain of visions about his aunt Lyanna, who within the past become captured and raped by Rhaegar Targaryen and gave birth to a child. We saw Ned Stark defeat three Targaryen guards on the way to breach The Tower of joy, where Lyanna lay dying. A later imaginative and prescient found out how Lyanna exceeded Ned a infant, assumed to be Jon Snow. The best other man or woman with Ned turned into Howland Reed, who is also Meera’s father.
While we haven’t seen a 2d toddler but, enthusiasts trust Lyanna gave start to Jon’s younger sibling moments after. The “Meera idea” indicates that Ned, who had to faux Jon changed into his son to guard him, would have observed it difficult to pass off youngsters as his very own and so requested Howland to take the second one baby.

Meera changed into born in the identical year as Robb and Jon, say enthusiasts, and she remains round whilst her brother, Jojen, was killed off two years in the past, something the writers remind us of quickly before the big Jon/baby display. And subsequently, as many commentators point out, Meera and Jon do have remarkably comparable hair.

However what about Tyrion? The maximum compelling piece of proof for this premise emerged this season, while the youngest Lannister sibling entered the Meereen dungeon and communicated with Daenerys’s dragons to emerge unscathed. It takes a Targaryen to tame a dragon, the principle goes, so Tyrion should be a Targaryen and therefore Jon’s twin brother.

Tyrion’s mom, Joanna, turned into rumoured to have slept with Aerys Targaryen and the very last phrases of Tyrion’s father, Tywin, were: “you’re no son of mine.”

The display’s writers like to preserve fans guessing and till season seven of HBO’s drama is released – or until George RR Martin publishes his ultra-modern novel within the collection guessing is all enthusiasts can do.

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