Game Of Thrones Soundtrack awesome Remix by locals

Khumariyaan is a Peshawar based instrumental band in Pakistan that has steadily seen their fan base grow from a niche folk music loving audience in their hometown, to connoisseurs of music from all across Pakistan, and beyond.
These guys are definitely extra talented and the proof is right here!!!

Remix of Game Of Thrones main Soundtrack by Pakistani locals

You will have this cover of Game of Thrones title track on repeat for days. Peshawar based band, Khumariyaan, which excels in folk rock and fusion, recreated the most melodious version of Game of Thrones’ title track.

Using the traditional rabab (string instrument) and zeer baghli which is a Pashtun djembe (drum) of sorts, the band’s cover is a mix of string instruments and electronic tunes.

“The band rarely does international covers. We believe in original music and to hit this sentiment home we don’t have a singer, the idea is to shine light on the composers rather than front men.” Khumariyaan told The Express Tribune.

The video of the song has been shot in Sujan Singh Haveli in Rawalpindi, as the band was going for a Winterfell/Casterly Rock/Rains of Castamere feel for the video.

 They further said, “We wanted to see if our traditional dance Attan could be done on this theme and we found that it could be. We hadn’t heard a proper studio recorded Pashto cover of this before so we went for it.”
Enjoy it!

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