Microsoft Demonstrated that Chrome uses much Battery than any other Browser

When identical laptops were left to run four different browsers i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge in a lab-controlled environment, Chrome absolutely hammers that battery.


In this experiment, which had the four laptops run typical browsing behaviour on a number of popular websites until the battery ran dry, the Chrome computer lasted just 4 hours and 19 minutes, the Firefox computer lasted 5 hours and 9 minutes, and the Opera battery-saving mode computer tapped out at 6 hours and 18 minutes.

The Microsoft Edge computer let its hypothetical user last an impressive 7 hours and 22 minutes before they had to curse at the screen, throw the cat off their lap, and haul their first-world-problems butt up the stairs to find the cord.

Demonstration Graph

Comparing Edge to Chrome, that’s a 70 percent increase in time spent unplugged, and at more than 7 hours of battery life, that’s entire average work day. So bravo, Microsoft, that’s actually pretty cool.


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