New York: People go Crazy to find Rare Pokemon at Centeral Park

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Pokémon GO convert too and have been late meeting friends because I’ve been busy catching my millionth Pidgey this week, but the augmented reality game is also slightly terrifying.

This is evidenced by a video shot in NYC’s Central Park yesterday, which has been transformed into a Poké playing field, teeming with people battling at a Gym and wandering around looking for new creatures.

Pokémon GO has already been downloaded on more than 5 per cent of the total number of Android phones in operation, making it more popular than Tinder.
This was the moment the appearance of a Pokemon GO character sparked a stampede in New York.

Passengers jumped out of cars as hundreds of players of the smash hit augmented reality game descended on Central Park.

The rush on Thursday night was reportedly triggered when someone shouted that a rare Vaporeon Pokemon had spawned nearby.

In the game, players have just a few minutes to catch a Pokemon once it has been caught by another player before it despawns.
Footage posted online showing the moment the Pokemon appeared shows dozens of players glued to their phones and heading in the same direction into the park.
Several people are seen getting out of cars and even running in a bid to catch the Pokemon.

Evolutions of Pokemon are random on the game, which has become a global sensation and arrived officially in the UK last week.
Several people are seen getting out of cars and even running in a bid to catch the Pokemon.
Crowds of Pokémon GO players swarmed to the park, some even driving there from other parts of New York City, to catch a Vaporeon, one of the evolved forms of Eevee.

People flocked to the site in the middle of the night to try their luck at catching the creature.

Izzy Nobre captured the video, writing: “A Vaporeon popped up in the middle of Central Park and this happened”.
The video game company’s shares rose 25pc on Monday as recorded the biggest one-day gain for more than 30 years after Pokémon Go – only the company’s second foray into smartphone gaming – was downloaded by million of users in a matter of days.

The augmented reality app uses a smartphone’s camera to superimpose animated Pokémon creatures onto the real world, and encourages players to walk around a neighbourhood to catch different virtual creatures.

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