Newzeland: A Man Resigned form his Job For Playing “Pokemon Go” Full Time

A person in New Zealand has give up his activity to play Pokemon pass complete-time.
Tom Currie worked as a barista and bartender at a seashore eating place on the Hibiscus Coast close to Auckland, however has decided to jack that in to locate virtual creatures on his telephone as an alternative.
He says he’s relying on buddies and circle of relatives to help out however admits his parents are “a touch bit baffled”.
“when I resigned, I did not inform my supervisor i used to be going out into the sector to hunt Pokemon,” he told Newsbeat.
“however after my tale were given picked up I gave him a courtesy name to replace him surely in case the media contacted him.
“I were given an surely adorable response, ‘proper on you Tom. It’s miles truly humorous. I am hoping the whole thing is good enough. Have fun for your Pokemon experience.’
“My dad sent thru a text message saying he constantly knew i’d be famous.”
considering beginning his quest to find all the monsters, Tom says he is stuck ninety one of the 151 Pokemon to be had in the sport.
He says the adventure has been the brilliant part of gambling in vicinity of going to work every day.
“i am getting to stroll round and find out cities i have in no way been to,” he says.
“i have been meeting lots of humans, travelers touring the country and other Pokemon running shoes at the small (every so often massive) public gatherings.
“even as you and your buddies must bodily pass for a stroll or run to capture an splendid Pokemon inside the area and also you all entice it, this is truely a highlight.”
Tom says he is moreover starting to get regarded in New Zealand after numerous websites and newspapers ran his story.
He says people round the arena are getting in touch to wish him proper fulfillment.
“i have been approached through a few different Pokemon walking shoes who identified me and preferred a talk,” he says.
“i’ve had humans asking for photos and one man even called me his hero for doing what i’m doing.
“i have received messages on facebook from round the world, messages of manual from america, ireland, Canada, India and Nepal.
“The story has gone worldwide, so no question i will be getting a bit extra fan mail.”
Tom says he’s going to move returned to work as quickly as his Pokemon journey comes to an stop.
“when I finish the journey and get again to Auckland, I might be searching out work and running on my new business.
“And still catching Pokemon.”

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