Pokemon Go: Hackers Group Threaten to Hack the Game on 1st August and will take it down

No person is aware of this higher than Poodlecorp, a hacking collective with a name that makes you go “awww” and an rationale that makes you go “oh, fuck.”

“basic, the purpose is to definitely piss humans off,” Poodlecorp chief @xotehpoodle said in a Twitter direct message.

He stated Poodlecorp is a team of about seven contributors — a few from the collective Lizard Squad, which became chargeable for the PSN and Xbox stay takedown of Christmas 2014, and others from cybercrime discussion board dark0de — who met in a chatroom and determined “to do something larger than Lizard Squad.

“We do it because we can, no person can forestall us and we much like to purpose chaos,” @xotehpoodle said.

Poodlecorp claims to have hacked numerous YouTube stars and hit League of Legends, warfare.Internet, StreamMe and Pokémon go together with dispensed denial-of-provider attacks in view that June.
“we are simply having amusing lol,” @xotehpoodle said. “we’ve hacked many YouTubers and are going to be hacking many rappers once more as well, all this is only for amusing, barely any attempt for us.”

The group does not take into account its public antics “hacking” in line with se, @xotehpoodle stated, however they do perceive as hackers.

“most of us are retired from active states of hacking and simply do that to fuck round and feature amusing,” he stated.

He said the crew individuals do not have day jobs — they make their money on line, and “most” don’t even want cash anymore way to heists “from a while ago” (allegedly Bitcoin heists that raked in a couple hundred thousand dollars).

And aside from having its all-seeing eyes set on YouTubers, rappers and “trainers,” Poodlecorp has a plan up its sleeve it is reminiscent of fsociety, the fictitious anti-status quo hacker group in Mr. Robot. Poodlecorp desires to supply all people the equipment to fuck shit up.

The team is liberating a tool known as Poodlestresser so one can provide users the potential to hit different servers with a DDoS attack, @xotehpoodle said, like LizardStresser — a hacking device at the general public’s fingertips — “but higher.”

A cyber collective known as PoodleCorp, which has previously targeted YouTube stars and which is presumably comprised of humans, not poodles, has announced that it was behind the Distributed Denial of Service, or DDOS, attack. PoodleCorp also threatened to do “something on a larger scale soon.”

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