Pokemon Go has earned $200 Million in its first month

“Pokemon Go” has raked in $200 million in net revenue globally on the App Store and Google Play in its first month, beating other top-earning games such as “Candy Crush” and “Clash Royale”, according to the latest research.


App intelligence firm Sensor Tower crunched the numbers on the first 30 days of the viral game where players have to hit the streeets and catch Pokemon.

Sensor Tower found that at the point when the game was launched in Japan on July 22, revenue growth accelerated significantly.

As a comparison, “Clash Royale”, which was released in early March, earned just under $125 million in its first 30 days. “Clash Royale” was made by Supercell, the company behind “Clash of Clans” which was recently bought by Chinese internet giant Tencent for $8.6 billion.

“Pokemon Go” also earned more than seven times as much net revenue in its first month as “Candy Crush Soda Saga”, the viral hit which was released in 2014.

Sensor Tower also notes that “Pokemon Go” was the fastest mobile game to reach 10 million downloads worldwide and users are spending around 26 minutes a day on average playing.

The game is free to download but offers in-app purchases where users can buy additional items. Niantic, the game’s creator, also struck a deal withMcDonald’s in Japan which has turned 3,000 of the fast food chain’s restaurants into “gyms” where players can battle each other. This sponsored location model is expected to be something Niantic continues with and could help it drive further revenues.

It’s unclear how much of this money Nintendo will see. Last month, the Japanese gaming giant said that “Pokemon Go” will have a “limited” impact on income and that it won’t modify its financial forecasts. It clarified that it in fact does not make the game. It owns 32 percent of the “voting power of The Pokemon Company “, which holds the ownership rights to the fictional monsters. And the game is distributed and made by Niantic, which is a separate company. Nintendo does however have a small stake in Niantic.

“Pokemon Go” is still being rolled out into new territories while Niantic is still trying to iron out problems that have angered fans. However, the game has been banned in Iran where authorities cited “security concerns” over the game as players are encouraged to visit real life spaces.

App tracking platform, Sensor Tower, is reporting that Pokemon GO has earned more than $200 million in worldwide net revenue since it was launched this time in July. The information is based on Sensor Tower’s “Store Intelligence” data and covers both iOS and Android versions of the game. Sensor Tower’s data shows that Pokemon GO has outperformed the two other previous first-month revenue champion applications, Clash Royale (released in March this year) and Candy Crush Soda Saga (released in 2014). The chart shows how Pokemon GO’s revenue growth has outperformed both former champions, but in the case of Clash Royale, Pokemon GO was only a little way ahead of Clash Royale until Nintendo and developer Niantic released the game into the Japanese market, when Pokemon GO’s revenue has accelerated away. And although it has not yet been two years since Candy Crush Soda Saga was unleashed upon the world, that both Clash Royale and Pokemon GO have earned considerably more during their first month of release highlights how much more lucrative the mobile gaming industry has become.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game. Players must travel to locations on a real world map in order to capture Pokemon. When a Pokemon is close enough, players can tap on it as it pops up on the map and the application switches to the camera view. Pokemon are captured by flinging a Pokeball at them. Captured Pokemon may be used to boost other Pokemon, trained or kept in a Pokemon locker. Niantic has included real world venues such as the Pokemon Gym, where players and their Pokemon may train, and PokeStops, where players can top up their equipment.

A recent report from app analytics company, Sensor Tower, claims that the augmented reality game Pokémon GO has earned $200 million in worldwide revenue in the month since its release. This colossal amount blows away the earnings of popular apps such as Clash of Clans and Candy Crush.

The report also states that daily usage for the game remains high at 26 minutes on average. This isn’t the first time Pokemon GO has broken records; the game currently holds the title for reaching 10 million downloads faster than any other app in history.

Currently, Pokemon GO is not available in every country around the world. Although Niantic released the application into fifteen Asian countries this weekend, it is still unavailable in three big smartphone markets: China, India and South Korea. It seems likely that Pokemon GO’s revenues stream is set to increase over the coming weeks and perhaps months as Nintendo and Niantic release the title into more markets. Pokemon GO players are loyal to the platform and the game is already the fourth most popular application on smartphones, only behind Facebook, Google Search and the Contacts application. Average use of the application varies according to the market, but many Pokemon GO players are highly engaged – addicted – and average time spent using the game varies from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the survey. This is sure to support the title’s long term earnings for Nintendo.

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