Sony: Company releases Beta version of Software Updated for PlayStation 4

September is expected to be a month filled with new revelations. Two are expected to be unveiled – Apple’s iPhone 7 and potentially Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo.

Sony has reportedly started to send out press invites to an event called “PlayStation Meeting” which will be held in New York. The belief is that the press conference will see Sony officially unveil the PlayStation 4 Neo and use that event to update folks on the status of the PlayStation business, Neurogadget reported.
The Sony PlayStation 4 Neo was something gamers were hoping to see at E3 back in June. With nothing to show, the upcoming event makes perfect sense to see the game console which will reportedly come out before 2016 comes to a close

Fans are eagerly waiting for the unveiling of Sony’s more powerful Playstation 4 console, dubbed as the PS4 Neo. It looks like the grand reveal is coming sooner than anticipated.

According to Sony Entertainment CEO, Andrew House, in an interview with the Financial Times, the “PS4 Neo” will support 4K resolution for better gaming graphics, and the cost of the high-end “Neo” will cost a tad bit more than the average $350 price tag of the Playstation 4.

A report from Giant Bomb reveals that the new “Playstation 4 Neo” will be a more powerful console than current ones on the market like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. While the current Playstation 4 has a clock-speed of 1.6 GHz, the “Neo” boasts 2.1 GHz for a faster performance. For the “Neo’s” graphics processor, it has an improved AMD GCN at 36 CU’s at 911 MHz, a big upgrade from the current PS4’s 18 CU’s at 800 Mhz, and lastly, in terms of memory “Playstation 4 Neo” will have an 8GB RAM at 216 GB per second, better than the current Playstation’s 8GB RAM and 176 GB per second.

The “Playstation 4 Neo” will still let players use older games from the older Playstation 4, albeit some major high-resolution difference, so this shouldn’t be a worry for people who want to get the new “Neo” and not have enough money left for games, considering the hefty price tag that comes along with it.

IBT also notes that the “Playstation 4 Neo” will undoubtedly be paired with Sony’s virtual reality hardware, and that it will be able to provide the best gaming experience ever. With that in mind, many are concerned that this will be the only reason for grabbing a “Playstation 4 Neo,” and it will lose it’s otherwise great value.
Console gamers across the globe are very much eager to finally get their hands on Sony’s newest gaming console, the PlayStation (PS) 4 Neo. While the device isn’t a full-fledged next-generation console offering, it still promises to bring its customer’s gaming experience to the next level by providing a stable 4K gaming performance for today’s latest games.

According to the latest reports, the unveiling of the new console may be imminent as it is claimed that the company may be pulling the veil off of its new device during the upcoming Sony PlayStation Meeting that is happening next month. The reports also indicate that the event may be the perfect venue to reveal the new console’s specs and features, but it might not be the time to launch the device and make it available to the public.

Sony has, of course, already begun to send out press invites to its event happening this Sept. 7 at the PlayStation Theater in New York City. Those who will be in attendance will expect to get their first look at the brand-new PS4 Neo and witness firsthand its various capabilities. If Sony does decide to showcase the new console during the event, they might be announcing its official release date as well.

As for the rumored specs of the upcoming new console, reports have revealed that it will be coming with significantly better internals than its standard PS4 counterpart. For one, the console is expected to come with 8 Jaguar Cores humming at 2.1 gigahertz (GHz), faster than the 1.6 GHz on its predecessor. There will also be a total of 36 compute units on the PS4 Neo, double that of the 18 units on the PS4. The console will also be using AMD’s latest GCN architecture which will be utilizing a total of 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory capable of 218 gigabits per second bandwidth speeds.

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