Victoria Beckham: Actress and Model Posts her Picture of lip-lock Kissing with her Daughter on Instagram

The image Victoria Beckham posted to her Instagram more than one days ago has greater than half of a million likes and has delivered on a few critical backlash.

Happy Birthday baby girl 🙏🏻💕 We all love you so much 💜💜💜 X @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham kisses from mummy X

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

The publish has more than 4,500 feedback and the reaction is essentially blended, many applauding the love she has for five-yr-vintage daughter Harper, some commenting “beautiful”, specific feedback advocate it’s far inappropriate.
Just through searching at some of the remarks at the well-known style designer’s Instagram publish well-knownshows the controversial debate that the apparently innocent put up has caused.
One Instagram consumer left a observation announcing, “it’s far excellent to kiss your parents on the lips. We want to stop announcing to different people it is not.”
“Ew sorry i’m old school it looks like they making out,” said each different person.
But, many stuck up for the previous Spice girl.
“allow me located it in a angle for you guys; if you discover it sexual that a mom kiss her daughter on her lips, then it’s miles you there’s some issue wrong with,” stated keen on Beckham.
A few different stated, “what a beautiful photo displaying a notable bond you have were given in conjunction with your daughter.”
humans have also taken to Twitter to percentage their mind at the photograph.
No, it’s not the matching sun shades that people are discussing. It’s far a mother giving her 5-365 days-vintage daughter a birthday kiss – at the lips. “extraordinary photograph,” writes one character. “lovely picture! Suggests the affection among mother and daughter,” posts another, echoing the feelings of the majority.
However a brief look on the feedback under Victoria Beckham’s Instagram placed up suggests that now not everybody sees it the same manner. “it is awesome but you are not imagined to kiss you are kids at the lips. I am no longer seeking to be impolite but it is true,” feedback one detractor. Each other wrote: “no longer keen on kissing my kids on the lips..This is simply me.”
even as these feedback, and others like them, stop of short of whole-on grievance of the fashion fashion designer’s movements, they explicit a indistinct experience of unease approximately the photograph – an unease that has, in flip, caused consternation amongst others.
BBC Trending consulted the social etiquette professional, Liz Brewer. She believes that at the identical time as kissing a son or daughter on the lips is an unusual exercising it have to still be a decide’s choice as to whether or not or no longer they don’t forget it appropriate or no longer.
“generally with a member of your circle of relatives you do no longer kiss at the lips until it is your husband,” she stated. “With kids, i might now not have concept it is a particularly correct dependancy to get into but it’s miles her toddler and she or he’s at liberty to do what she thinks is pleasant.”
“i is probably uncomfortable doing that and i suppose the general public will be. If she feels it’s appropriate, so be it. I might now not say it sets a specifically correct instance.”
it’s an problem which has caused soreness earlier than.”I find it a piece icky,” says one contributor on a Mumsnet discussion thread. “it’s far simplest bizarre if you use tongues,” responds some other.
Victoria Beckham’s image of her kissing her daughter on the lips has brought about a chunk of a stir, with some on social media claiming to be weirded out by using the photo.

To mark her daughter’s 5th birthday, the singer and fashion fashion designer posted the cute snap of herself and Harper on Instagram, even as dad David posted his non-public photo.
Digital spy has reached out to Victoria Beckham’s representatives for comment on the “backlash”.

Victoria has moreover acquired a wealth of supportive and super messages on the photograph too, with many praising the photo as “stunning”.

One person wrote: “I kiss my children in the lips all the time, it is a splendidly ordinary, innocent, natural motion of love not some thing beside the factor.”

In aid of Victoria, a number of parents have now published images of themselves kissing their children at the lips.

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