Vin Diesel: Actor has passed 100 Million Fans on Facebook

Vin Diesel has reached a facebook milestone, one which handiest Shakira and football player Cristiano Ronaldo completed earlier than him: the actor and megastar of the quick and livid film saga passed 100 million likes on his popular, mildly addictive social media web page.

After making his first post on April 1, 2009, Diesel converted his facebook right into a vacation spot for lovers, and he soon started out the use of it as a platform to percentage updates on his brand new projects. The actor currently debuted the primary trailer for xXx: go back of Xander Cage, and the first appearance broke a viewing record for Paramount photographs.
Different, formerly Thursday, 11:26 AM: With actor Vin Diesel nearing over a social media milestone with 100M fb fans, it’s time to check the top 2016 actors/actresses inside the social media universe. And, for the first time within the three years on the grounds that we’ve included this at cut-off date, females have commanded the top three spots in the chart. This 12 months, at the side of facebook and Twitter, we’ve got added in Instagram, the remarkable-visible platform which has exploded in popularity in order that we’ve got an normal view of the social media universe (SMU).
As we’ve got cited within the beyond, the social media footprint of a star is often taken into consideration in the casting of films: Social giants Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake or Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson can use their Twitter, fb and Instagram feeds to offer fee added advertising and marketing for any upcoming movie or television challenge and they’re in particular energetic in doing so to the satisfaction of tv and function film advertising teams.
In reality, Ellen DeGeneres used her social media footprint on Twitter to help release Disney/Pixar’s lively circle of relatives film finding Dory this yr and in a huge way, posting brief movie takes and also again and again tweeting to her fans approximately the movie’s commencing. Disney used Ellen’s SMU as a launching pad for most of the film’s promotional projects.
“As a film or television marketer, you can’t make their social media imprint an afterthought,” said RelishMix’s Marc Karzen. “when it comes time to casting, you need to ensure beforehand of time that your SMU strategy is in location due to the fact that can make an intense impact on your campaigns. If you have a 50M SMU mixed from the solid individuals, the difference in reach to your film or television show becomes crystal clear.”

Vin Diesel joined an different membership on Friday when he have become handiest the third person to attain one hundred million Likes on their fb page. Congratulations!

The feat was first executed in July 2014 with the aid of Colombian pop singer Shakira, and in October of that same yr, superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo reached the intention, too.
To mark the special event for Diesel, a new infographic has been launched. It stocks factoids approximately his facebook file, including which countries have supplied him with his maximum likes and what number of gallons of diesel (get it?) it might take to fill a hundred million motors, as well as most-shared, maximum-commented, maximum-appreciated, and maximum-regarded posts. You can check that out in our gallery under.

Vin got his big spoil inside the early 2000s while he turned into cast because the famed anti-hero Riddick and Dominic Toretto in Pitch Black/The Chronicles of Riddick and the quick and the furious movie franchises respectively. Vin’s upcoming movies encompass rapid eight, xXx: The return Of Xander Cage, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, that are ready to be launched in 2017.

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