Will Smith has made FOUR spectacular Entrance at ‘The Tonight Show’

Will Smith stopped with the aid of The tonight display Thursday to promote his new movie, Suicide Squad. Host Jimmy Fallon gave him a splendid creation, touting his many awards and nominations and the target market responded by using giving the actor, rapper and Wild Wild West apologist a standing ovation. Smith become appreciative of the gang’s cheers, but when he settled onto Fallon’s degree he concept about it for a minute and then introduced, “I suppose i will do better.”
there are only so many questions one star can answer, and even Will Smith’s most devoted fans are surely becoming rather tired of his constant TV presence.

So with yet another studio audience to entertain, the star of this summer’s hottest movie Suicide Squad decided to have a little fun with Jimmy Fallon when he appeared on The Tonight Show on Thursday.

As Fallon pretended to be surprised, Will assured him ‘Once more, one more.’

Heading back behind the scenes, it was time for a rather more eye-catching debut – with Will rolling onto the stage in a giant inflatable hamster ball.

The crowd lapped it up – cheering, hollering, and begging for more.

And that’s exactly what they got, with Will barely taking a seat before he told Fallon: ‘I felt a little bit better about that one,’ adding: ‘I can do better’.

Fallon begged him to relax, assuring his famous guest: ‘That was fantastic, you came out in a hamster, a human hamster ball, that was great.’

But Will skipped behind the curtain for his third big moment of the day.

This time he enlisted some help – a whole series of dancers, who formed an honour guard as Will burst onto the stage, shaking his hips, and giving guests the full on Broadway experience.

Out of breath, he reminded Fallon: ‘I was your first guest ever on this show.’

He then explained: ‘I gotta give it to them.’

As Fallon insisted chirply: ‘That was it,’ Will added: ‘That what almost it.’

Will told him: ‘It was close, listen to this crowd man. I think I got it, just one more.’

And, of course, the fourth and final entrance was the biggest and best – featuring a gospel choir singing about the actor, before Will himself appeared.

Sitting astride a horse wearing a unicorn horn, Will emerged victorious, as the delighted crowd stood on their feet, dancing, screaming, and chanting ‘Will Smith, Will Smith’.

Confetti showered down, as the room rocked with cheers. Finally, it seemed, this was the entrance Will was after.

Sadly the excited audience had to wait just a little longer to hear his words of wisdom.

‘I’m sorry, we’re out of time, we have to go to commercial,’ Fallon told them.


(Photos: NBC)

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